Home loan

Qualified employees of the company "IpotekaCredit" will help you to take a loan secured by a house in Moscow for a long period under a low interest rate. A loan secured by a house is provided by banks or private investors, we will choose the most advantageous offer for you in a short time.

We will find the best option, both for a targeted loan secured by a private house with a plot, and on a non-targeted loan, which can be used by you at your own discretion.

Cooperation with you gives you the following benefits:

  • We will save your time and money, which you will spend on collecting documents and submitting applications to banks, as we will do everything ourselves;
  • We know about all the subtleties when choosing a loan on the security of a private house, so we will choose for you the best of the possible;
  • low prices for intermediary services.

Our company is also engaged in private investments, thanks to which you can get a large loan amount on the security of a country house, in comparison with the proposals of banks. We are considering applications, including those with a bad credit history.

Get a primary consultation on receiving money on the security of the house, the cost of our services and all stages of cooperation, you can in person. Also for the convenience of our customers remote options are available: order a callback or fill out a special form on the site, our staff will contact you as quickly as possible.

The company "IpotekaCredit" for more than 20 years has been providing assistance in obtaining loans, mortgages, bankruptcy, land registration in property, etc.

At any time convenient for you, we are ready to provide a full range of services for issuing loans:

  • help in choosing the most profitable bank with a low interest rate on mortgages;
  • professional choice of a credit institution;
  • registration of all necessary documents;
  • development of a loan strategy;
  • conducting credit transactions;
  • professional advice.

You can apply for a loan on our website and by phone. Our specialists will contact you in the near future to clarify the details.

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19 000 clients in 85 subjects of the Russian Federation successfully used the services of our company.