Loan without security

Credit brokers of the company "IpotekaCredit" will help you get a loan in the shortest terms on favorable terms without providing certificates of income and guarantors for real estate. This service will be especially attractive for individuals who do not have an official source of income, or those who need a loan in the near future and there is no way to collect the necessary information and expect the bank's decision. We have established stable relationships with the most reliable banks and credit organizations, which allows us to steadfastly follow the interests of our customers and provide them with the best loan offers.

Loans secured by real estate have several advantages:

  • low interest rates;
  • there is no need to provide a certificate of income;
  • the possibility of obtaining a large loan for a long period;
  • there is no need to report to the creditor on the purpose of spending the received funds;
  • the ability to quickly collect the necessary documentation and instant consideration of an application in a credit institution;
  • there is no need to extract the tenants from the mortgaged residential area.

As a pledge, any real estate objects (apartment, house, industrial premises, land plot, etc.) without encumbrance belonging to adult citizens can act.

Our highly qualified staff will conduct a qualitative analysis and evaluation of your property, help you to collect the necessary documents and transfer them to the bank. We guarantee a positive decision of the bank within 2-5 days, after which you will receive the required amount of money.

If you need a loan without a certificate - call us on the phone number listed on the website and in the very near future for a reasonable fee we will solve your financial problems.

The company "IpotekaCredit" for more than 20 years has been providing assistance in obtaining loans, mortgages, bankruptcy, land registration in property, etc.

At any time convenient for you, we are ready to provide a full range of services for issuing loans:

  • help in choosing the most profitable bank with a low interest rate on mortgages;
  • professional choice of a credit institution;
  • registration of all necessary documents;
  • development of a loan strategy;
  • conducting credit transactions;
  • professional advice.

You can apply for a loan on our website and by phone. Our specialists will contact you in the near future to clarify the details.

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