Loan for equipment

To open even the smallest enterprise requires expensive equipment. It's enough just to buy it if all the necessary amount of money is available, but often, as practice shows, such a happy coincidence happens rarely. Therefore, many entrepreneurs take out a loan for equipment that allows you to start the process, and give small amounts of money.

In order to get a loan for equipment for business without any problems, please contact our company "IpotekaCredit", and we guarantee a quick resolution of this issue in a positive way. Our specialists will select the most favorable offer from the creditors on good repayment terms.

Why customers choose us:

  • We have a tremendous experience in the field of lending, for 20 years of work we have studied thousands of offers from different organizations, and we have chosen only the most optimal options.
  • We provide legal support until the moment of receiving the money and signing the contract.
  • We help to draw up documents correctly in the shortest possible time.

It is worth noting that banks can issue loans for the purchase of equipment: industrial, machine-building, welding, food, agricultural and other types. But the creditor's positive response will depend on how much money you expect. Usually small loans are issued by the banks without any problems, whereas to get 100 thousand rubles or more, you will need to collect a package of documents where your registration as an entrepreneur, passport, identification code, business project, detailed list of all necessary equipment and explanations to them.

Remember that the bank does not undertake to credit the purchase of used equipment, and also, the release date of which will be more than 7 years on the final date of loan repayment.

How to get a loan.
  1. Step 1. The customer calls to the office or sends an online application
  2. Step 2. The credit broker checks the client, his employer, the documents sent by the client
  3. Step 3. The credit broker invites the client with the documents to the office
  4. Step 4. Credit terms and conditions are agreed upon
  5. Step 5. The contract is signed and the loan application is made out
  6. Step 6. Get a solution from the bank
  7. Step 7. The client receives a loan and pays for the service.

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