Mortgage against collateral of existing property

We offer our clients mortgage lending services secured by available real estate in Moscow. Financial analysts of our company conduct constant monitoring of mortgage offers of banks and financial and credit organizations and are ready to offer you the most favorable options for lending against an apartment, land plot, house or dacha.

Mortgage on the security of existing or purchased housing is beneficial for several reasons:

  • the possibility of obtaining a mortgage without down payment. The borrower does not need to save a large sum of money for making an entry fee for the purchased housing. Mortgage brokers of our company will assess the collateral in an accredited company, determine the maximum amount of a possible loan;
  • the opportunity to purchase housing in a mortgage in new buildings. As a rule, developers accredit new residential complexes in one or two banks, and real estate collateral provides the borrower the possibility of obtaining a mortgage in any bank
  • the possibility of obtaining a mortgage at a low interest rate. Loan against collateral of existing housing is the most reliable for the bank, so in this case the lowest interest rates are set.

The competent professional services of the employees of the company "IpotekaKredit" will allow you to study all possible proposals for mortgage lending, choose the most attractive option and get the opportunity to purchase new housing on favorable terms, with a minimum overpayment.

You can get acquainted with our services, clarify the cost and make an appointment for advice on obtaining mortgages on the security of real estate by phone and through the feedback form on our website.

The company "IpotekaCredit" for more than 20 years has been providing assistance in obtaining loans, mortgages, bankruptcy, land registration in property, etc.

At any time convenient for you, we are ready to provide a full range of services for issuing loans:

  • help in choosing the most profitable bank with a low interest rate on mortgages;
  • professional choice of a credit institution;
  • registration of all necessary documents;
  • development of a loan strategy;
  • conducting credit transactions;
  • professional advice.

You can apply for a loan on our website and by phone. Our specialists will contact you in the near future to clarify the details.

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