Arbitration Manager

The company "IpotekaCredit" offers citizens and organizations that begin the procedure of bankruptcy or are in the process of bankruptcy, the services of an arbitration manager in Moscow. Our arbitration manager is a responsible professional officer who will be able to properly manage the property of the debtor during the bankruptcy proceedings.

Contacting our company, you will get quality services, not just a trading manager, but also a full range of services provided by a team of specialists of various profiles. This greatly saves you money and eliminates the search.

The duties of the arbitration administrator at various stages of the bankruptcy procedure in respect of the following functions:

  • analysis of the debtor's financial and economic situation;
  • exclude the possibility of a fictitious bankruptcy, or deliberate bringing to bankruptcy;
  • evaluation of the debtor's assets and assets;
  • filing an application with the arbitration court;
  • representation of the debtor's interests in court;
  • development of strategies for managing the affairs of the debtor for the period of bankruptcy proceedings;
  • ensuring maximum protection of the debtor's property;
  • keeping the register of credit obligations of the debtor;
  • compliance with the interests of the applicant when conducting bankruptcy proceedings.

Our company offers you the services of professionals with the necessary qualities, knowledge and experience for a loyal, efficient and quality arbitration management in conducting bankruptcy proceedings.

Get a competent consultation, find out the cost of our services and make an appointment with a specialist in arbitration management, you can by phone and through the feedback form on our company's website.

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