Our organization offers the investor the safest way of investing money from 16 to 22% per annum. Banks that offer a demand deposit or other deposits do not ensure repayment of placed funds with the Bank. We, in turn, use the mechanism to ensure the return of the invested money by providing securities or mortgages secured by real estate. The requirements and ratios of the subject of pledge to the amount of the loan are agreed in advance with the depositor. Method of placement and investment of funds MFO "IpotekaCredit" provides a return of funds, t. is secured by the immovable property of another individual, who had a need for money. Something like that, one person had money, and the second person did not have money, but there is an apartment or other real estate that he can provide as a sign of assurance and seriousness of his intentions. Return to the depositor is provided by a large discount of cash from the estimated value of the object and always real estate can be realized, while covering all of its costs, because the discount is at least 50% of the estimated value of the object.

    The procedure for working with the Investor is as follows:

  • The investor applies to our organization with an extract or other supporting documents about the amount.
  • We select a borrower with collateral and agree with the Investor the subject of the collateral, the period, the amount and the interest on the loan. We estimate the legal and liquidation value of the object.
  • An investor places funds in a deposit account.
  • We prepare the transaction and register a pledge or purchase agreement (depending on the form of the transaction of securing intentions) in Rosreestr, insure the facility and credit the potential borrower against real estate collateral.
  • We sell loan obligations to the Investor, leaving behind the obligations for servicing the loan, monitoring the payment of obligations to borrowers and providing the investor in before the court or in court (99% of all disputes are resolved in court, because the large the practice of collecting debt obligations has created a unique method of solving problems by mutual consent).